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Ethical Advocacy

ALP is committed to maintaining and improving the integrity of the legal profession. ALP also understands that the best way to attract clients is to provide quality work product and legal counsel that adheres to the highest professional and ethical standards. ALP offers its clients a frank and honest attorney.

Client's Declaration of Rights™

ALP declares the following rights for its clients:
  • Each client deserves a knowledgeable, skilled, and diligent attorney.
  • Each client deserves courteous and ethical counsel that adheres to the highest standards of professional responsibility.
  • Each client has a right an attorney with undivided loyalty and independent professional judgment.
  • Each client has a right to reasonable rates and fees explained upfront and in writing.
  • Each client deserves alternative pricing options, including flat rates, outcome-contingent fees, and blended fee arrangements.
  • Each client has a right to a prompt response to each question or concern.
  • Each client deserves an attorney that is broadly available, including weekends and evenings by appointment
  • Each client has a right to be kept up-to-date and to receive enough information to permit significant participation in the matter.
  • Each client is entitled to have legitimate objectives respected by the attorney.
  • Each client has a right to expect the attorney to preserve secrets and confidences as permitted by law.
  • Each client deserves legal counsel based on sound research and utilizing industry-standard information technology.
  • Each client deserves practical and innovative solutions in plain language.
  • Each client deserves to have its files maintained in a secure and fire resistant storage system.